Sample Page

My parents grew up in the shadow of the Korean War and my generation was expected to work hard in school and then help out at home.
It often didn’t matter what the childs talents, thoughts or interest were and for better or for worse, that’s how I was taught to approach life.
While I had experimented a bit with photography and drawing, my creative side was always superseded by my work.

I moved to Vancouver 8 years ago and accidentally discovered a nearby pottery studio…partly out of curiosity and partly due to having spare time, I started making pottery….and found that it was a tool that brought out another ‘me’.

I like to make pottery and ceramics, not just for functionality, but also objects that are nice to look at..or sometimes even challenge you.
I draw inspiration not only from traditional Korean patterns, but also modern European style, drawn from the 10 years I lived in Europe.

Yoo Kyoung Yong
Vancouver, BC.